PT. Brantas Energi

PT Brantas Energi is a limited liability company established by PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero). This company is engage in renewable energy investment, especially Hydro Power. Supported by Brantas Energi's power, potency and experiences of PT Brantas Abipraya in construction industry and electric power sector. Based on Brantas Energi's motto, "Eco Responsible", Brantas Energi always underpins all activities by focusing on environmental conservation.

Brantas Energi is expected to grow and play a role in supporting the goverment's policy of providing the latest electricity supply which also suistainable. Through the opening of the participantion of private investment by the goverment in the provision of electricity supply, we are optimistic that Brantas Energi will develop and grow as leading developer of hydro power in Indonesia

Brantas Energi address:

Sapta Taruna Building, 5th-6th floor,
D.I Panjaitan Road, Kav.12-Cawang, Jakarta Timur 13340

Telp: (021) 2961 3918
Fax: (021) 29613809