Intro GCG’s Structure: Abipraya implementing Good Corporate Governance through General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), The Board of Commissioners, The Board of Director, Internal Supervisory Unit and Corporate Secretary.

Shareholders and AGM

General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of the Company is the organ that holds the highest authority in the Company and holds all authority that is not submitted to the Board of Directors or Commissioners.


The Commissioner is the organ of the Company which is in charge of supervising and advising the Board of Directors in carrying out maintenance activities.


The Company’s Board of Directors is the organ responsible for maintenance of the Company’s interest and objectives of the Company, as well as represent the Company both in and out of court.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is supporting organ that established the Commissioner to assist in conducting oversight of the management of the Company.

Internal Supervisory Unit

Internal Audit is the Internal Supervisory Unit of the Company and responsible to the President Director.


The Corporate Secretary is the link (liason officer) between the Board of Directors, Commissioners and Shareholders and representatives of the Company in dealings with regulators, institutions or association other relating to the Company.