Supporting the Acceleration of Increasing the Use of Domestic Products, Abipraya Holds TKDN Training

04 October 2022

Jakarta, October 4, 2022 – The government continues to pursue the target of an average use of the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of 40% for domestic products. It is hoped that industry players in all sectors can implement this target until 2024. PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) continues to play an active role in encouraging the optimization of the Domestic Competence Level (TKDN), this time as evidenced by holding TKDN Training at State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Karya which was held with Working Team Procurement & SCM Sub PMO Core Competency BUMN Karya. The event held for two days from September 29 - September 30 at the Abipraya Brantas Head Office was also attended by participants consisting of several BUMN Karya.


“This activity is one of the strategies to support the acceleration of increasing the use of domestic products according to Presidential Instruction No. 2 of 2022 on March 30, 2022 and for the discussion of Working Team Procurement in improving the competence of personnel related to TKDN,” said Miftakhul Anas, Corporate Secretary of Brantas Abipraya.


Anas added, in this training participants were provided with a legal basis related to the calculation of TKDN and TKDN in the procurement process. Not only that, in order to realize TKDN in the infrastructure industry sector, synergy, support and openness from all stakeholders will be needed. By optimizing TKDN through the use of domestic products, Brantas Abipraya shows its seriousness in building the nation and state, especially in recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.


The commitment to the seriousness of this infrastructure BUMN in boosting the optimization of TKDN has also been consistently proven by increasing the use of domestic products in implementing the National Strategic Project (PSN). Therefore, it is very important for all people in charge of the Brantas Abipraya project to ensure that all manufacturers, suppliers, or providers of construction materials and equipment used in the project have a Legal TKDN Achievement Certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry.


“In the future, Brantas Abipraya will focus on promoting services that encourage the use of TKDN at least 40 percent. This is also our active role in contributing to the success of the proud national movement to be made in Indonesia,” concluded Anas.