Brantas Abipraya Wins Best TJSL Award 2022

30 September 2022

Jakarta, 30 September 2022 - PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) which is a state-owned company engaged in the construction sector has proven its seriousness in supporting the Government through the CSR program (Social and Environmental Responsibility) or also known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is shown by winning the award again as the Best TJSL Award 2022, in the Infrastructure category. This award was held by Warta Ekonomi virtually in Jakarta (29/9). Representing the management of Brantas Abipraya, Miftakhul Anas as Corporate Secretary received a certificate of appreciation.


"Through the TJSL Abipraya program, we are always committed to participating in running the wheels of the Indonesian economy, especially when the COVID-19 outbreak hits our nation. In implementing the TJLS program, we focus on encouraging social, economic, environmental, legal and governance development which are the pillars of sustainable development goals,” said Anas.


Anas also added that one of the TJSL Brantas Abipraya programs included providing working capital to its fostered partners and distributing CSR. Not only that, while offering soft loans, Brantas Abipraya also provides training to improve the competence of the fostered partners.


In addition, as an effort to recover Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic, this BUMN which is actively involved in building the national strategic project (PSN) has several other excellent programs that are in line with the 4 pillars of the TJLS, namely the pillars of economic development, the pillars of social development, the pillars of environmental development and pillars of legal development and governance. In the social sector, Brantas Abipraya has a professional certification program. This is a pioneering and superior program that directly receives support from the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).


This state-owned company, which is known to be reliable in the construction of dams, has also shown its presence for Indonesia during this pandemic by supporting the Government in handling pandemic. Various activities have been carried out such as distributing basic necessities to the community around the Head Office and all projects spread across Indonesia, providing free vaccines for the people of the Cipinang Cempedak sub-district, Jakarta and actively participating in driving the community's economy during the pandemic, Brantas Abipraya is also running the Foster Parents program. By involving Insan Abipraya to become parents for pre-prosperous Indonesian children.


On the environmental development pillar, Brantas Abipraya has just sown fish seeds in the Archipelago Lake, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) to support the activities of the G20 Presidency. In addition, this BUMN also contributes to providing clean water facilities in Sukabumi by synergizing with several BUMN companies. In addition, since 2018 Brantas Abipraya has planted 12,500 sengon tree seedlings and is currently managing it in partnership with local residents in Kampung Legok Banteng, Cijayanti Village, Bogor. In 2020, this BUMN also planted thousands of trees in the PLTM Padang Guci area, Bengkulu.


“We are very grateful for the appreciation given to Brantas Abipraya. Hopefully, this award can be a trigger to continue strengthening our commitment, always contributing to supporting the Government's programs, for the welfare of the Indonesian people," concluded Anas.