Koperasi Karyawan Brantas Abipraya (KKBA) a Legal Entity Employees Cooperative was established in Jakarta based on Notarial Deed No: 14 dated November 7, 2007. Starting operations in early 2008 and has the spirit at the same time the aim of improving the welfare of more than 290 members and their families. The number of members is still dominated by the employee of PT Brantas Abipraya who still active and spreading throughout the country, both in the Projects / Depo well located in the County / Branch.

KKBA main business fields include: savings and loans, and rental operations. The market opportunity is still derived from the parent company, nevertheless KKBA remains committed to be able to compete with partners from outside the company and strive to become more professional in serving its clients. In the future development of other fields of endeavor that is "profitable" will continue to be developed. Business "Non Profit" is based on serving the needs of everyday members maintained, among other retail household staples and cafeteria.


The advantage of being members KKBA is able to do savings and loans, can apply for credit, following the vehicle auction held by KKBA, may make purchases of goods with the salary system, as well as get Business Profits per year.


Business services:

  • Coffee Corner
  • Ticketing
  • BGR Express
  • Office Uniform
  • K3 Equipment
  • Goods Credit
  • Vehicles Credit


Adress of Koperasi Karyawan Brantas Abipraya (KKBA) :


Brantas Abipraya Building

Jl. D.I Panjaitan Plot 14, Cawang, Jakarta 13340

KKBA room floors 1 and 2

Phone : 021-8516290

Fax : 021-8516095

Email : kopkar_brantasabipraya@yahoo.co.id