Awards and Certification

BUMN Awarded "VERY GOOD" for its 2017 Financial Performance from Infobank 2021-02-10
BUMN Award for Excellent Financial Performance 2013 - 2017 from Infobank Award 2021-02-10
Contractors with the Most Number of Dam Projects from the Indonesian Contractors Association (AKI) 2021-02-10
BUMN Award for Excellent Financial Performance 2012 - 2016 from Infobank Award 2021-02-10
The Best GRC For Corporate Governance & Risk Management 2020 From The Business News Indonesia 2021-02-10
Appreciation for Innovation Category HR Innovation Digitalization Employee Certification and Database, SINDO Award 2021-02-10
BUMN Performance Exellence Award 2020 From The Forum Ekselen BUMN 2021-02-10
TOP Digital Innovation, TOP IT & TOP Telco 2020 From The ITech Magazine 2021-02-10
Top Digital Implementation 2020 On Construction Sector 2021-02-10
Excellent Financial Performance of Indonesia Best BUMN Award 2020 ; Developing Digital Transformation for New Normal Protocol and Construction Technology From The Warta Ekonomi 2021-02-10
Excellent Financial Performance Award 2018, Infobank Award 2020-10-25
As the Best Construction Work Service Provider in implementing the Construction Safety Management System (SMKK) - Ministry of PUPR 2019-12-27
Penghargaan Kinerja Keuangan Sangat Bagus dari Tahun 2014-2018, Infobank Award 2019-10-25
CSR Innovation from the Appreciation of Innovation, SINDO 2019-06-07
HR Innovation from the Innovation Appreciation, SINDO 2019-06-07